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24 April

Guest Poet David Biespiel

, originally uploaded by eyelightfilms.






Bad Marriages

by David Biespiel


Even a man who always comes home forgets the sense of it. He lets the

……….halls glint with agony and pleasure.

He lets light into windows through the veils of give-and-take, lets the

……….bath prick him like a thousand tacks.


In the insomniac’s hour he prowls the cellar with his warrior’s luck,

……….smoking the birthday dope,

Smearing the irregular cave of his mind and the faces and the ticking

……….clocks and the girlish thighs


He touched in a season of first love, early summer, the sky of the city

……….illuminated with improvised musk, a spree of sheets,

And suddenly she’s removed her dress. And suddenly the squares of

……….darkness dissolve.


Even a man who can’t come home looks in vain through gates of

……….sporadic gardens, sacred

As dragging a leg, tormented as a rood beam, under which he

……….sometimes stops and breathes


Harder than he meant to. He’s a city cut in half, man on the one side,


As rain, home on the other—


He’s like a passion flower looking up

At buildings and bridges, gates and windows,


And through one he sees a closed passional

With the downcast and the sufferers and the promiscuous weariness,


And he thinks a pastry would be nice. —All of which the stoned man

……….sniffs in his brain

Until the password for sleep comes on, and the stairs creek with the

……….volley of his steps,


And the city of marriages collapses in ruins, and the maple volunteers

……….are a light emptiness,

And the thrushes begin their early adjurations along the leaf-ruined

……….gutters, July decaying like a desert of the drowned,


Drier than a complaint, ending like a book underlined in red in the

……….meaningful sections,

The confused words with the clear words, To Be Continued with The

…….... End, enduring like a dead wind.

Garden Gate & Courtyard, Venice, originally uploaded by Rita Crane Photography ~ returning soon!.
About Poet David Biespiel: Originally from Texas, he lives in Portland, Oregon, is the director at the Attic Writer’s Workshop, and teaches as Oregon State University, Wake Forest University, and Pacific Lutheran University’s M.F.A. Program. He was the Editor for Poetry Northwest from 2005 to 2010, and has son several prestigious awards for his poetry, including a Wallace Stegner Fellowship, the William Stafford Memorial Award, and a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship in Literature. This poem appears in his newest book of poetry The Book Of Men And Women (University of Washington Press).


About Photographer Laurence Manly: Originally from Dublin, Ireland, he spent ten years living in the USA, first in Providence, Rhode Island, and then for eight years in Los Angeles where he toiled in the movie business.Moved back to Ireland, and now lives in England with his partner Elaine and their two lovely daughters.


About Photographer Rita Crane: You can see her prints in art galleries in Northern California. Currently showing at Kevin Milligan Gallery in Danville (East Bay) and several galleries in Mendocino County.