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05 October

Autumn’s Writing Opportunities

Jefferson Wilderness, originally uploaded by nickboren.

Maybe today you could think about Autumn, and write about it in some way. It could just be your daily pages, or how to shape something seasonal into an essay. It’s hard to write about Autumn, and the feelings we have about it in the spring. The opposite is true, but if you’re a freelance writer, you have to now be thinking six months ahead for articles, and as much as a year for the highest paying publications.

If you thought about Autumn today, and wrote it all down, you’d have that writing to come back to, and there are millions of subjects to write about that fit with Autumn. I can think of these right now: trees, nature, colors, apples, festivals, school, weather, coolness, elections, foods….and the list can go on and on. ~Kerri