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20 October

So Much Beauty to Write About

What can you write about this beautiful photo? October is one of my favorite months, and there is so much beauty to write about. Freelance writers usually think ahead about subjects sometimes six months ahead, or even a year, but today I am taking the day off from thinking about work to know this day, and all of October’s gifts.


This photo is by Arnar Páll. Amazing. Just amazing.


Enjoy October while you can. ~Kerri

05 October

Autumn’s Writing Opportunities

Jefferson Wilderness, originally uploaded by nickboren.

Maybe today you could think about Autumn, and write about it in some way. It could just be your daily pages, or how to shape something seasonal into an essay. It’s hard to write about Autumn, and the feelings we have about it in the spring. The opposite is true, but if you’re a freelance writer, you have to now be thinking six months ahead for articles, and as much as a year for the highest paying publications.

If you thought about Autumn today, and wrote it all down, you’d have that writing to come back to, and there are millions of subjects to write about that fit with Autumn. I can think of these right now: trees, nature, colors, apples, festivals, school, weather, coolness, elections, foods….and the list can go on and on. ~Kerri

27 September

Every Window Is An Article Opportunity

This Old Typewriter, originally uploaded by Girla Obscura.

There Is No Such Thing As A Bad Topic


I just want to say this right from the start. There is no such thing

as a bad topic for an article. You can make grass seed interesting, if you want to, or the cost of bread fascinating. Writers do it all the time. The trick is to write about people, places and things you are passionate about, are an expert on, or wish to be an expert on. All good freelance writers start looking at every conversation, every book, every encounter they have and find interesting as a subject for an article. Each subject has a thousand angles. Pretty soon the whole world is a window of opportunity. The trick is to come up with the right angle for the audience you’re targeting, know what you want to say, exactly, and then write the query or article. How many articles would you like to write in one week? In my classes, you’ll find out how many you want to write, and how many you’ll actually write. That, in itself, is an interesting subject for me.


22 September

Another Girl At Play

Another Girl At Play, originally uploaded by FunnyBiz.

Here is a fun website, Writers. You can also check
out Alex’s other site,

Enjoy. ~Kerri

11 September

Fall Classes Are Posted!

Click the tabs above for ‘classes’ and for ‘schedule’. If you’re interested in freelance writing, I hope to see you this fall. Together, we’ll explore how you want to grow, what you want to do with your writing, and make it happen! Email with any questions, or for information on how to register-


**Please Make Certain You Wish To Sign Up For Classes or Workshops – Absolutely No Refunds Are Given

03 September

Fall Freelance Writing Classes


This Fall I’m glad to announce that in addition to the traditional classes, I am going to have some experimental classes. In Portland, the traditional Beginning Freelance Writing Class will happen, and the traditional Advanced Freelance Writing Class will be offered in January.  Also in Portland will be a weekend Finding Your Niche in Freelance Writing, a one-day workshop, and, in January, a Mapping Your Writing Year Class, also a fun, creative one-day workshop.


But then, there are some different classes. I am doing an online classThe goldenwordsmith Online Freelance Writing Class. We will have two phone conferences, one the second week of class, the other the final week of class. Everything in the original eight-week class will be offered, but will span twelve weeks, and offers more flexibility for those who wish to take an freelance writing class, but have ultra-busy lives. You can work at your own pace, be part of an online group, and get feedback and complete three articles and queries, just as in the regular class. The phone conferencing will also provide a short venue for reading articles – something I feel is essential to this class.


I’m teaching a Freelance Writing Symposium at the University of Missouri in Kansas City (UMKC) in December, and one in Seattle the weekend after Halloween. Both of those require connecting with me through email, and doing some homework in advance. Next winter it looks like I’ll be back at the University of Washington doing this kind of class, and that’s something to look forward to.


In the meantime, I am excited about returning to Seattle this fall to teach. I’m also excited to return to Kansas City to teach. Communiversity has been in my life, solidly, for twenty years.


The schedule of the Fall Classes will be posted this week, so be sure to check back. If you have any questions, or to register, please email